We Tell You How to Get Free Refills at Starbucks

It’s no secret that Starbucks products tend to be a bit on the expensive side. And it is that, although its quality is very good, one has to be willing to pay a significant amount of bills for a single drink.

However, lucky for you, there is a little trick that will allow you to ask for a refill of your drink, and thus take advantage of a kind of 2X1 that few know.

As stated in the company’s own policies, customers have the right to request a refill of hot coffees, ice creams, as well as hot and iced teas. All this as long as it is in the same visit to the same branch.

Also, the refill does not have to be the same drink. That is, if you had an iced coffee first, you can ask to have your glass refilled with hot coffee if you wish.

In order for this policy to apply, you must present your Starbucks Rewards Card to the employee at the time you purchase your drink. Later, when you want the refill, you must present the same card again and they will have to fill the glass again.

It should be noted that this policy is valid only in participating branches, so it would be advisable to ask first if you can take advantage of it. In addition, the refill is only limited to purchases made inside the store, so you can’t order it at the drive-thru. Nor can you demand it if you left the branch.

So now you know, if you want to continue enjoying the products of this famous chain, but without seriously affecting your personal finances, make use of this promotion and you will surely be able to get much more out of your money.

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