Starbucks Cake Pops (How to Make it…?)

If you have a craving for something sweet then rather than ordering coffee at Starbucks, try our recipe to make the Starbucks Cake Pops. These sweet delights are similar to the original but are so much cheaper to make at home. This is how to make Starbucks Cake pops at home yourself.

This cake pops with its crunch chocolate coat and moist yet creamy cake mixture on the inside making for a great sweet snack. Did we forget to tell you that these cake pops are pink in color and have a great nutty flavor? Well, they have that too.

Homemade DIY Starbucks Cake Pops:

These cake pops are super easy to make as all you need are frosting and some cake crumbles. So if you got any leftover cake then you are in luck to make this dessert. If not; well, you can make a cake first to have some cake truffles. But instead of making your life hard, simply buy a cake from the store to crush it up for making the cake pop.

Mix the cake truffle sponges and frosting to have a mixture that is both firm and soft in consistency. Roll them up in balls and simply dip them in the melted chocolate. Viola, you have your Starbucks cake pops plus they are super cheap compared to the ones you can buy at Starbucks.

So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and get to cooking. You will not regret making them.

Ingredients for Starbucks Cake Pops: What Are These Starbucks Cake Pops Made of?

Cake pops is a tasty dessert that is made by blending sponge cake and a frosting of your liking such as vanilla or chocolate. Cake pops are also called Cake Truffles and can be made with some other cake fillings like chocolate Ganache or baked brownies. Once the cake pops are rolled and chilled at the right temperature, they can be covered in chocolate. This is what you will need to make your Starbucks Cake Pops.

For Your Cake Mix:                                                   

White Cake: for making the white cake mixture, you can use the boxed cake mixture bought from a store. Simple bake as per the instructions on the package and let it chill. Or better yet, if you have any of the leftover cake from a party at home; use that.

Vanilla Frosting: this is to be used for moistening your cake and for this you can use any type of frosting.

For the Candy Coating part:

White Almond Bark: instead of using white almond bark, you can also use melted wafers or candy melts. We also went with melted chocolate bars and they are beautiful to work with.

Vegetable Oil: This lets your melted chocolate have a glossy finish.

Red Food Coloring: when the red food color is mixed with the melted chocolate, it gives out a Pastel Pink color. Your cake pops do not have to appear red; you can go with any food color. However, remember to use the get food color.

Sprinkles: they are to be used for an almost perfect finish.

How Can I Make Starbucks Cake Pops:

There are many steps in making the Starbucks Cake Pops but do not be intimated by them. This is a lot easier than you worry about.

Baking the Cake:

For this part, we recommend going for the boxed cake mix. With this, you will not have to spend hours making a perfect cake to simply crush it into pieces. This way you can bake your white cake easily by following the instructions on the package.

Crumbing the Cake and Mixing the Frosting:

Now, this is the part where the fun begins. Use your hands for crumbling the cake to make the cake crumbs. A tip is to trim the edges in case the cake is over-baked or dry. Add your frosting flavor and mix the whole thing well. Do it gradually to avoid adding too much frosting.

Add enough frosting to make the cake crumbs moist and easily rollable. Too much will simply give you a soft, soggy, sticky mess.

Forming the Cake Mix into Balls:

For this part, we recommend using the cookie scoop or ice cream scoop. Or you can also opt for the hand version. Whatever method you go for, be sure that the cake pops’ balls are bite-sized with only a 1-inch diameter.

This will be easier if the mixture is chilled first. Cover the bowl and place it in the fridge for about an hour until the frosting is all settled. You need to shape the balls and freeze them for about 1 hour and this is a mandatory step. If not chilled properly, cake truffles are going to fall apart.

Dipped Chocolate Sticks Attached to Cake Pops:

Another important step is to add lots of chocolate at end of your cake pops’ stick. If not, the cake pops will not stay in their place when the entire thing is dipped into melted chocolate.

After you have attached the sticks, chill again for about 10 minutes so the chocolate is fully settled in.

Dunk the Cake Pops in chocolate Liquid:

Be sure to melt the chocolate so it is silky smooth. A tip is to use the glass so that the cake pops’ balls are easily and fully submerged in chocolate. Be sure to cover the entire thing slowly. If any part is left uncovered, it’s going to dry out.

Tap off the excess chocolate so it won’t run down.

Let your Cake Pops cool in an Upright Position:

Poke the sticks of cake pops in a Styrofoam box and let the chocolate on them set in.

Decoration & Storage:

There are literally dozens of ways you can decorate your homemade Cake Pops. You can add sprinkles and tint with additional chocolate syrup.

You can store these cake pops in your freezer for up to 2 months and they won’t go bad. Just remember that rather than chocolate-covered cake pops, the uncoated cake pops are stored better. The chocolate might tarnish inside the freezer. So, it is best to keep the cake truffles uncoated. For snack time, take some out and thaw them for about 30 minutes at room temperature.

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