How To Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text? (iPhone & Android)

Do you want to gift your family member or a friend a free Starbucks Drink? Do you want to gift them this drink via a simple thing like a Text? You are in luck because if you are in possession of an Apple handset, you can simply open the messaging app on your iPhone and text them a Starbucks Gift Card. If the recipient of your Text Starbucks Gift Card also has an iPhone, they will get their card instantly. In case they are an Android phone user, they will instead of getting the image of the Gift card; will receive a link to this Starbucks gift card.

While Android phone users can only send their Starbucks gift cards via email, we still have found a way for them to send these gift cards easily via text. If you wish to learn How to send Starbucks Gift Card via text, we urge you to read on.

But first, there are a couple of things that you should remember.

  • If you have the Starbucks mobile application downloaded and installed on your iPhone, you are going to be able to send the Starbucks gift card from the mobile’s messaging app via text.
  • Even if you have the Starbucks application downloaded and installed on your Android handset, you still won’t be able to send the Starbucks gift card via text but can only send it via Email.
  • Still, if you are an Android user and still don’t want to send the gift card via mail, email the Gift card first to yourself and then send the screenshot of the received gift card to the friend via text.

Sending Starbucks Gift Card via Text on the iPhone or iPad

Follow the following easy steps on How to send the Starbucks Gift card via text if you use an iPhone.

  1. Installing the Starbucks mobile app from the Apple App Store

The first step is to download and install the Starbucks mobile app for iPhone. After you did so, you will now be able to send the Gift cards to your friends or family via text in just a few minutes.

When you use the Message app to buy and send Starbucks gift cards, the messaging app will make use of the user’s default payment method on their phone; Apple Pay. In case, you are using multiple methods for payments added to your Apple Wallet, you will be able to select from any one of them before making the purchase.

  1. Open the ‘Messages app and choose a conversation

if you wish to send a gift card to a particular friend, you need to first open their conversation in the Messages app of the phone. Simply tap on the icon ‘New message’ located at the top right of the app to create a new conversation with that friend.

  1. Click on the Starbucks Gifts option in the Messages app

The Starbucks Gifts icon is located in your messaging app if you have the Starbucks app on your phone. The icon is going to be the typical Starbucks logo of green and white colour on the icon row above the typing keyboard. If you still don’t see it, it might be because there are too many icons. Just swipe through all the icons until you see them.

If you still can’t find the logo after swiping the entire row then tap on the icon ‘App Store’ in the shape of the ‘A’ logo. Tap on it and it will let you see all the icons above your keyboard.

  1. Go down and choose the gift card design

Tapping on the Starbucks logo opens up the design option. Tap on it and it will present 3 denominations for the Gift Card.

  1. Select the Amount for Starbucks Gift Card

The 3 denominations are the value you would like to add for the Gift Card. These denominations are for 5, 10, and 15 dollars. At the moment, there are not too many denominations added when sending these Starbucks gift cards via text. Still, 15 dollars are enough to buy a great cup of coffee at Starbucks.

  1. Click on Option ‘Buy’

Tapping the option ‘Buy’ allows the sender to see their Payment method for Apple Pay. It asks the sender to confirm their payment method.

  1. Confirm your payment

If there are multiple payment systems added to the Apple Wallet, it will ask the user to select for another payment method. For this case, tap on the option ‘Different Method’ and follow the instructions on the screen to confirm the payment.

Now press the Send button and after the gift card is sent, the sender will receive the confirmation via mail for their Gift Card purchase. Now when the recipient gets the text, another email is sent to the sender to let them know that their gift card has been delivered.

Sending Starbucks Gift Card via Text on the Android Phone

For Android phone users who don’t wish to send the Starbucks Gift Card via email and instead wish to send it via Text, follow these instructions.

1. Installing the Starbucks mobile app from Google Play Store

The first step is to download and install the Starbucks mobile app on your Android phone. As we said earlier, while one cannot send the gift card via text, one can send these gift cards through email.

If you perhaps do not know the email address of the person you want to send the gift card to, this workaround allows you to send it via text. First, you need to email the gift card to yourself and then send the screenshot of that gift card to the recipient via text.

2. Open the Starbucks app and choose the option ‘Gift’

Open your Starbucks app on your phone which shows the icon of Gift Box at the end of the screen.

3.  Select the Design for the Starbucks Gift card

Go down to check out the list of available options. More options can be checked if you Tap on the option See All beside each category.

4. Select a gift card amount from the menu

Tap on the option Gift Amount, and choose the denominations you want to send in gift card ranging from 5 to 50 dollars. If you wish to send, even more, tap on the option ‘Other’ in the same option and it lets you send amounts between 5 to 100 dollars.

If you wish to personalize this gift card with a hearty message, tap on the option ‘Add A message. This lets the sender type a message with up to 160 characters. This message will be added to the gift card.

5. Enter the information (email address) of the Recipient

Now you will see the sending option and here you will only see the place to enter the email address and not the phone number.

Now you need to email this gift card to yourself first. Emailing the gift card is easy and if you know the email of the person; the Problem is solved. If not; enter your email address in the field of Recipient Email Address. Once you receive this email, take a screenshot of it.

6. Click the option ‘Checkout’

Now click the option ‘Checkout’ located at the end of the screen.

7. Select your payment method

If one has already used to making their Starbucks purchases via the Starbucks app, they will see their default payment method there. If there is none, add one or search for a new payment method from the payment method menu.

8. Click the option ‘Buy & Send’

Tap the option ‘buy & Send’ which lets the app deduct the amount of the Gift card from the selected payment method and send it via email to you.

9. Click the link in the email from Starbucks

With this, the gift card has been sent to your email address. After receiving it, click on it and it will display the gift card and the instruction on how to redeem it.

10. Take a screenshot of your Starbucks gift card

Now take a screenshot of this gift card and be sure that the screenshot has all the numbers and bar codes on it clearly.

A screenshot can usually be taken by pressing the Volume Down and Power buttons of an Android phone simultaneously.

Usually, the gift card only opens in the mobile application of Starbucks and not on the web. If it opens on the web, tap on the gift card to see the bar code, numbers, security number, and gift card number.

11. Text this screenshot to the friend

Now simply open the Android messaging app. From there open the conversation with the friend you wish to send the gift card to. There on the new message, tap on the ‘Photo Icon’ which is usually ‘+’. This launches the gallery; now select the screenshot of the gift card.

Now press the icon ‘Send’ and your gift card is now sent via Text from an Android phone.


Some helpful tips to conclude this article are as follows.

  • After the recipient receives their gift card, they simply need to tap on it and it gives them a link for the instructions on redeeming this gift card.
  • When a recipient uses the gift card in a store, they need to tap on the link to display its bar code. The bar code will be scanned by Barista at the store from the phone directly.
  • The gift card balance can be checked from any smart device or computer by visiting the Starbucks website on an internet browser. Simply enter the security code and gift card number in the option ‘Check Balance’ located in the mid of the page.

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