How To Make Starbucks Sweet Cream? (Full Guide)

Have you ordered the Starbucks Iced Coffee and topped it up with the Sweet Cream? How do you like the taste of the sweet cream? This cold brew was recently rolled out by Starbucks and I have totally fallen in love with it. This sweet cream of Starbucks makes the body of cold coffee really have that enriched creamy flavor. Do not find my statement too hyperbolic but the cream is totally something to obsess over.

After taking that very first sip of the iced coffee with this sweet cream, I totally knew then and there that I somehow had to recreate it at home. My daily schedule and budget do not allow me to frugally spend money and time to enjoy this drink on a daily basis.

The sweet cream only requires three ingredients to make and this will change your whole homemade coffee-making game. Also, did we tell you that it is super easy to make? Well, let’s dive in to know how to make Starbucks Sweet cream at home.

What is the deal with Starbucks Sweet Cream?

While there are literally hundreds of options for sweet vanilla creams in the dairy section of a big grocery store, what is the hype about the version of Starbucks? The real magic behind Starbucks’ version is that they mix the creamer so that it has no thickeners or gums in it which gives the cream its velvety taste.

The cream only requires 3 simple ingredients; 2% milk, heavy cream, and Starbucks vanilla syrup. While both the 2% milk and heavy cream can be found at any regular grocery store across the country and making the vanilla syrup at home is also quite easy, the final product was still somewhat lacking in taste than the original. The cream started to clump up a little in the iced coffee while the vanilla flavor felt a little flat.

I went on to experiment with different recipes before landing the one that is perfectly flavored and made sweeter with the sweetened condensed milk. This was a surprising transition from where I started and the sweetened condensed milk allows for the creamer to be made easily in a few minutes. You don’t need to cool it as you can take the condensed milk from the fridge pre-chilled. The thick texture of condensed milk gives extra fluff to the creamer’s body and that is exactly what Starbucks creamer has.

Important Steps to make the Starbucks Sweet Creamer at Home:

You need to keep in mind these few key steps before you make the Starbucks Sweet creamer at home.

  • Buying the right ingredients: reading creamer might make you think that it has cream in it but if you mix the creamer half and half, it is still better than regular cream in your iced coffee. This half-and-half blending leaves no fat clumps. As for the sweet taste of the sweetened condensed milk, it allows creamer to have the extra creamy sweet flavor that you are going for and is not present in heavy cream.
  • Whisking to emulsify: the recipe is consistent with steps like dump, stir, and store. This helps to attain that texture and enriched flavor of the sweet cream in the end. The best way is to whisk it half-and-half to get a better result in the end.
  • Storing the product well: if the dairy items are left unprotected or uncovered even in a fridge, they tend to lose their original flavor. So our tip is to store the sweet cream that you make inside a sealed jar for better and longer storage. #
  • Also, the jar must be so that you can shake the cream well before each use. The cream can be preserved well for up to 5 days.

How to serve your homemade Starbucks Sweet Cream?

This homemade sweet cream is usually to be served with a cold brewed iced coffee. In order to mimic the drink like the one served at Starbucks, we recommend floating the cream atop it. This sweet cream is not only great for Iced Coffee but also for Chai tea and hot coffee. You can even serve as a topping for your morning bowl of oatmeal.

How to make the Starbucks Sweet Cream at home:

The first thing you need to know is the ingredients used for making the sweet cream. They are as follows.

  • 2 cups of half-and-half milk
  • Half a cup of Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1 tbsp of Vanilla Extract


Follow the following instructions to make the Sweet cream.

  • Combine the half and half milk and slowly add in the condensed milk and the vanilla extract. Start by pouring the half and half into a large cup or bowl and add in the sweetened condensed milk. Once the whole thing settles at the bottom, add the vanilla extract gently and slowly.
  • Now take out your Whisk and start whisking the whole thing. Whisk it gently and make sure to break up the sweetened condensed milk. Mix until it becomes a homogenous mixture. Usually, it takes only about 1 minute of whisking.
  • Now transfer your ready-to-use homemade sweet cream to a storage air-tight jar. You can use the sweet cream right away or store it in a fridge for later use.

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