How To Make Starbucks Egg Bites? ( Everything Needs to Know)

Today I am going to give you an easy-to-make recipe for making the best Starbucks Egg bites. These Starbucks egg bits firstly are cooked slowly in an oven with a tender taste of ham and bell peppers that has a strong egg base. These Starbucks egg bites are pretty close to the ones you can get at Starbucks but the difference is you make them for a lot less than what you pay at Starbucks. So, if you want to learn how to make Starbucks egg bites, read on.

Step-by-Step Instructions for cooking Starbucks:

The steps on how to make Starbucks egg bites are quite simple and it only takes about 15 minutes tops to have them for a whole week’s breakfast. His is how you make them.

Preheating the Oven:

To make these Starbucks egg bites, I opt to bake them at a lower temperature as compared to the standard egg muffins. The temperature should be about 325 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it allows for the egg bites to be baked softly offering a soft egg bite and helping them cook evenly. We are not going to be Sous Vide-ing these egg bites as most people do not own this Sous Vide appliance like the ones at Starbucks. So we will be going for tender egg bites with oven cooking.

Preparing the Water Bath:       

Pour around ¾ of water into a baking dish and place it over the oven’s bottom rack. This allows for moisture in the oven. The moisture in the oven helps the egg bites to have that particular Sous Vide finish.

Preparing the muffin Tin:

Coat your muffin tin with cooking spray or you can go with buttering or oiling the muffin tin with oil.

Sautéing the vegetables:

As the oven is preheating, you need to sauté your vegetable. Heat some of the extra virgin olive oil on medium heat inside a skillet. You can choose to add any kind of vegetable. We often tend to sauté them to have them soften up to allow caramelization. Now when the vegetables are softened up and the green has wilted, they are good to go.

Blending the base:

In addition to low-temperature cooking, another thing that allows for these Egg Bites to resemble the one at Starbucks is that the mixture is whirled inside a blender. This allows for air to enter this mixture and letting the cups fluffy and light.

The eggs are also blended with cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt which gives these bites a nice fluffy texture. So, yes you can add any dairy product you wish to add to them. For the spices, we usually go for garlic or onion powder or sometimes mustard powder. This gives them a nice flavour. You can feel free to add any herb or spice you like.

Pouring the mixture into Muffin Wells:

When your egg base is ready, pour the mixture into the muffin tin by filling each cup with about ¾ of its volume. Do not overstuff these wells because you need to add the vegetable, cheese and meat as well.

Adding the Mix-Ins:-

For this part, we opt for healthier spicy choices like spinach & bell pepper. Spinach is not usually in the Starbucks Egg Bites and we add them to make the cups appear colourful. Add some vegetable mixture to each cup, a spoonful of diced ham and cover it with shredded cheese.


Stick the muffin pan inside the oven and let the oven rest. This is going to take around 20 to 30 minutes depending on the oven type. The eggs must not be wet or jiggly and the edges must be browned before you take them out. After taking them out, place them aside to let them cool down. Run a knife carefully around the edges to release the muffins from their cups smoothly.

Alterations & Substitutions in the Starbucks Egg Bites Recipe

One great thing about making these Starbucks Egg Bites is that you get to customize them to your liking. You can add in your own dietary preferences.

Vegetable Options:

Starbucks egg bites usually have bell peppers in them and we do love them. This is why we always use bell peppers but still, you can add any mix of vegetables such as green vegetables, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, or some other vegetable. If you decide to add green Leafy vegetables like kale, spinach or mustard greens, we recommend Sautéing them. As for other vegetables, dice them to soften them up and add some caramelization. The more flavour you add, the better taste it will have. While you are doing that, add some hash browns as well.

Meat options:

You can go with a variety of meat options like crispy Bacon, ham, turkey, sausages, chorizo, or chicken. Sauté your ham before mixing it with the mixture. For crisp brown edges, we recommend cooking the sausage and bacon early on. If you are a vegetarian, you can go with Meatless Egg Bites. Starbucks also make Egg Bites that have no meat and only Egg Whites and Bell pepper.

Dairy Options:

There are all kinds of amazing cheese options you can choose from like Cheddar, Gouda, Mexican blend cheeses or the Swiss Havarti. These egg bites would taste excellent with Goat Cheese or feta.

The cheese you choose normally is dependent upon the meat, spices, and vegetables you choose for the egg bites. E.g. for the Mexican blend cheese, we recommend the egg bites mixture with bell peppers, chorizo, smoked paprika, and chilli powder.

Spices & Herbs:

For this part, you can be creative as anything is allowed. Still, you need to add the Mustard Powder and some garlic and onion powder to give these Egg Bites their traditional flavour. Other than that, you can opt to add cumin, Indian spices, smoked paprika, or Italian seasonings. You can also stir some of those fresh home-grown herbs if you have them.

How to Store and Reheat The Homemade Starbucks Egg Bites

Well, you are not going to be able to finish all of those 12 Egg Bites on your own. So store them in the fridge and reheat them for the next day’s breakfast.

For Storing in the Fridge:

Place your surplus Egg Bites in a container that is airtight and refrigerate them for about 5 days. Reheat them for only 60 seconds max in a microwave.

Storing the Freezer:

Place the egg bites in your airtight container and let them freeze up for about 2 months. Reheat for 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave to enjoy them for breakfast.

Do you Save Money by making Starbucks Egg Bites at Home?

We definitely love the Starbucks Egg Bites that are perfectly Sous vide. Still, we won’t lie and say that ours are perfectly like theirs but they are still pretty close to theirs.

Also, the thing that makes it great to make them at home is that you can make them for a whole week’s worth of breakfast for the cost that you pay once at Starbucks.

In comparison consider this;

2 Starbucks Egg Bites cost about 4.14 dollars

2 Homemade Egg bites made at home cost about 0.81 dollars and 12 homemade Egg Bites are around 4.86 dollars.

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