How To Get Free Starbucks? (Simple Ways For You To Enjoy Free Starbucks)

From coffee to those Frappuccinos, I am in just love with all the Starbucks drinks, especially when I can get them for free. To be completely honest here, I was never a fan of fancy coffees until I had my first Starbucks coffee and now I am hooked, lined, and sinker.

Now, yes the Starbucks coffees are delicious but they can also rake up quite a bill in my budget. So, in order to feed this addiction of mine and also save some bucks, I have come up with various ways to enjoy myself a free Starbucks every once in a while and not affect my budget at the same time.

Now, if you are also someone who doesn’t like to spend so much money on coffee, you can read this article How to get free Starbucks in some simple ways.

How to Get Free Starbucks:  

Our strategy of ours is to use various Starbucks gift cards that are free, the Starbucks Rewards program from mobile app, stars from payment via credit cards and cash back apps, and many others.


The first way how to get free Starbucks is to join the service app called Swagbucks. This is an ultimate site that allows users to complete some simple tasks in minutes on their phones and as a reward get Starbucks Gift Cards. The company has paid about 700 million dollars to its users and they also dole out around 7000 Starbucks gift cards each day. Upon signing up with Swagbucks, you get a 5 dollars bonus.

Some of the ways through which you can earn gift cards are by playing games, watching videos, shopping online, browsing the web, and answering questions about short surveys. This is a legit site that has an A+ rating. Points earned on Swagbucks can be redeemed at not only Starbucks but also at Walmart.


If you have heard about the Drop mobile application and have not still registered then you are missing out on a great deal. Drop app is a cashback app that is fairly popular in USA and Canada. The app works in the following way to reward with gift cards and cash back.

  • Download the app and it gives you 5000 Drop points which are equal to 5 dollars
  • Link the bank card that you use for making payments
  • Start doing shopping via Drop at its catalog including 3000+ brands
  • Reward points from shopping via Drop are automatically added to the user’s account. There are also other in-app ways to earn Drop points.

These Drop points can be redeemed for a free Starbucks gift card.

Starbucks rewards program:

Starbucks has its very own Rewards program which you can make use of to enjoy free declivous drinks. To start, you need to first download and install the Starbucks app, create an account, and link the Starbucks gift card or eGift card to this app. An account holder can earn around 2 stars for 1` a dollar purchase through the app. There are also features like Double Star days along with some games and promo offers that let you earn more Stars.

This is how you redeem the Starbucks stars to enjoy free drinks and food.

  • The simplest reward is 25 Stars which lets you add a shot of syrup or espresso to your Starbucks drink.
  • 50 Stars will get you a cake pop, a bagel, a breakfast sandwich, a croissant, or a hot cup of brewed coffee.
  • 150 Stars let you enjoy a free breakfast sandwich or a handcrafted drink.
  • 250 Stars allow for a salad or a lunch sandwich
  • 400 Stars can get you to select a food item of your choice from bakery items or a whole bag of coffee beans.

It’s Your Birthday: Enjoy a Free Starbucks Drink:

One thing I have learned in saving money is to get Free Stuff from all the digital services and Starbucks is definitely on this list.

If you are a member of the Starbucks Rewards program, you can enjoy a food item, a handcrafted drink, or a bottled drink on your Birthday. The stipulation is that you must have registered with the Starbucks Rewards program 7 days prior to your Birthday and also have made one purchase minimum to your birthday at least once a year.

Also, remember that this free Starbucks drink is available on the birthday and not after and definitely not before it. So don’t slack and get it as soon as you can on your birthday.

Survey Junkie:

Another great site like Swag bucks is Survey junkie which gifts its users with free Starbucks Gift cards. This is a market research company founded back in 2013 with over 10 million+ users in both USA and Canada.

Everybody has their opinion and with Survey Junkie, you get to say out loud those opinions about brands and businesses to improve the businesses. As for you, You Get paid for voicing your opinions.

To start is simple, all you need is to have an account for free with Survey Junkie and verify it with an email account. Now just complete the short surveys from the site and earn free points. Redeem these points to get cash on PayPal or get free gift cards that start from 10 dollars and up.

Daily Rewards: to enjoy a Free Starbucks:

Daily Rewards is another great survey site but it is mostly renowned in Canada. For US residents, they can use its sister website by the name ‘Inbox Dollars.

Daily Rewards is similar to Drop and Swag Bucks in its rewards system. It lets the users earn free cash through PayPal after completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and surfing the web.

To start on Daily Rewards, sign-up for free to get a 5-dollar bonus by verifying your email. Take the simple short surveys and be paid to enjoy a tall order of Macchiato.

Earn Free Money:-

There are also various other strategies that we can use to earn free Starbucks coffee money.

KOHO: this mobile app and your reloadable Visa card offer you cash back on almost every debit purchase. The cashback rate is up to 2 percent. Imply sign up with KOHO and first enjoy the 20-dollar sign-up bonus on the very first purchase. The referral code for KOHO is CASHBACK.

Rakuten: if you shop online at stores like Home Depot or Canadian Tire or various 750+ stores then you definitely need to use Rakuten. This cashback site with its elegant platform lets you enjoy automatic cash back credited right into your account. You can cash out this cashback by both PayPal and check. Sign-up with Rakuten and get yourself a 30-dollar bonus at the first purchase.

STACK: the STACK Prepaid MasterCard lets the holder save money on their purchases via foreign currency. They also offer cash back that you can spend for free stuff.

Another great thing about STACK is that it also offers a budgeting tool for free, deducts no fees for ATMs, and has a great automated Savings plan, all the while offering a 5-dollar bonus on signing up. This is not all, once you load the account; you get another 300 dollars for free.

Harris Poll Online:

Among the oldest market research company, one of them is Harris Poll Online which is owned by Nielsen. The company operates in various countries like USA and Canada. One needs to be at least 13 years old to have an account with them and to be able to enjoy free Gift cards for Starbucks. You only need to participate in their focus groups and online surveys.

In order to redeem the Starbucks free gift cards, one needs to simply go to their account’s Rewards section.

Enjoy Starbucks Refills for Free:

It was really after a long time that I learned something called Starbucks Free Coffee Refills which is available only in-store. When a customer at Starbucks uses their Starbucks Card for making an iced or hot brewed coffee or tea, they can also show the barista their Starbucks Card to get a free refill on their visit.

Pay with Paytm:

The Paytm mobile application in Canada which is free rewards users with points. These points are rewarded when a user pays their mobile phone bill, their rent, the internet & cable bill, hydro bill, insurance, tuition, and other such monthly bills.

That is not all; you also get these points when you pay off the credit card balance via this Paytm app. Once you have enough of these Reward Points, you can use to get free Gift cards for many things including Starbucks.

This is how this Paytm app works.

  • First, you need to download the Paytm app and enter its Promo Code to enjoy a 5-dollar bonus. After paying the first bill via the app, enjoy another 50-dollar bonus
  • Link the bank account with the app and pay the bills to 5000+ billers with a single click.
  • Get 1 point for every 1 dollar paid. So, spend more to earn more points each month.
  • Redeem these points to get free cash or enjoy free Gift cards for many retailers including Starbucks.

The app is really easy to use and a great thing about it is its Alerts. These alerts remind you when a payment for a bill is due so you don’t miss out on the deadlines and hurt that precious credit score.


Starbucks drinks, coffee, food items, and many other things are undoubtedly delicious but they are also addictive; especially these coffees. Feeding this addiction can hurt your budget and so you need to find creative ways to earn free cash or gift cards. All the ways we have described are helpful on How To Get Free Starbucks but they mostly apply to US and Canadian residents.

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