How To Get A Free Starbucks On Your Birthday?

There is no doubt that talking about big and successful companies in the coffee-selling business; Starbucks is at the top of the market food chain. The company sells all kinds of beverages and drinks ranging from hot coffees, hot teas, iced teas, and various handcrafted drinks along with things like coffee beans, ground coffee, and food.

Starbucks is not only famous for its products but also for doling out benefits to its customers in form of rewards. One such reward is the Starbucks Birthday Reward and Birthday Gift Cards.

The program called Starbucks Birthday Reward offers Starbucks members offer them a handcrafted food item, beverage, or bottled beverage on their birthday. As a Starbucks member, one can redeem this birthday reward offer at any of the Starbucks outlets or the retail locations that are associated with this reward system.

If one desires to enjoy the birthday reward, they need to at least check and then register their membership 7 days prior to their birthday. When you are a Starbucks Partner Hours Member, they offer so much and it is always not about beverages and drinks.

What Is The Starbucks Birthday Reward?

This program is run by Starbucks to reward its members that have gained a minimum of 1 Star transaction before the birthday date comes off the customer.

As a valued Starbucks customer and member, you will be able to enjoy various benefits in forms like bottled beverages, complimentary food snacks, or a handcrafted special beverage as your reward.

Does Starbucks Still Offer Birthday Rewards?

There are still many special rewards and offers that are given by Starbucks. For E.g. one only needs to get registered with a valid email address. After registering, a digital Starbucks card will be provided to you on your Starbucks app. From there on, one gets started to earn stars, and often days you can also get bonus stars or double stars from various promotions.

The more transactions a member has on their Starbucks card, the more stars they are going to get any more rewards they can redeem. These rewards include food treats, birthday treats, and many others among a wide list of special promotions and benefits. The Reward Stars from Starbucks are categorized as follows.

25 Stars Rewards

With your 25 Reward Stars, you can enjoy a beverage modifier which usually costs around 1 dollar. This beverage modifier includes dairy alternative products, sauces like syrup and caramel, and espresso shots among others.

50 Stars Rewards

With 50 reward stars, you get items like bakery items, iced crewed coffee, clover brew coffee, or a simple hot cup of coffee among other reward options.

150 Stars Rewards

With 150 stars, one can enjoy a handcrafted drink, a breakfast item, or a packaged snack. This is to say, that with 150 Stars, a member can redeem them for a Birthday treat or a hot breakfast treat like a sandwich.

200 Stars Rewards

200 Stars will get you a Protein Box, a one coffee item that is packaged, or a lunch sandwich.

400 Stars Rewards

400 Stars can be redeemed for a reward worth around 20 US Dollars. This reward can include items like a whole bean coffee product among other products that are worth 20 dollars.

One needs to understand the system this Starbucks Reward program actually works to earn more stars. You can get a star on any transaction from your membership card. This is why you need to make small transactions and let the star gather up to enjoy maximum benefit.

Whenever a single Dollar is spent, a member gets 1 star. When a payment is made via Credit card, debit card or Visa Prepaid card directly to the app member gets additional stars for their purchases.

How To Get A Free Starbucks On Your Birthday?

If you are a Starbucks member and have made a transaction with Starbucks before having your birthday, you only need to check the app or your email to receive your reward. The rewards are added in automatically and all one needs to do is redeem them at a participating store that offers Starbucks rewards.

One thing to remember here is that the rewards are only valid till your exact date of birth. After the birth date has passed, the reward cannot be redeemed. This is why we advise you, that if you have a Starbucks Birthday reward, you must enjoy it on your birthday with a coffee beverage or a food item of your liking.
If your rewards do not show up on the mail or app, contact Starbucks Customer Service.

Can I Redeem My Birthday Reward At Any Starbucks?

A member of the Starbucks Reward Program can get their reward from any Starbucks store that participates in this reward program. Still, there is no guarantee that you will find a store near you as some of the stores might not offer multiple-tier redemption.

Also, there might be some stores that might not have items that a redeemer needs to withdraw. Most Starbucks stores offer redemption for members that have 150 Stars and thus members can only enjoy items in that tier.

What Size Starbucks Do I Get For My Birthday Reward?

On the birthday of the member, they can get to enjoy anything they find to their liking on the Starbucks menu. They can choose either one of the food items or a drink of their liking of any desired size.

Can I Have Any Kind of Starbucks Drink For My Starbucks Birthday Reward?

With Starbucks Reward Program, members get to have the eligibility to enjoy anything on the Starbucks menu. This includes enjoying a handcrafted beverage, a bottled beverage, or a complimentary food item. This redemption offer doesn’t mean that you can have multiple food or beverage items.

Is the Starbucks Membership Free?

Becoming a Starbucks member is quite easy and the process is smooth. One needs to only create an account, order their food or beverage from their account, and viola! For every dollar that they spend, they get 1 Point or 1 Star.

There is no fee for membership but if one needs to have a membership card, one needs to fill in all the details properly and then register for a physical gift card. For this service, a small fee might be deducted from their card.

After receiving the physical Starbucks reward card, you can use it at any participating Starbucks store to redeem the points or stars for a birthday or any other day.

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